Rubber Resin Playground Surfaces for Schools

Rubber playground surfaces

Playground Surfaces For Schools

At Quickset Resin, we specialise in installing premium rubber playground surfaces to help create safe, fun, and dynamic play areas for kids.

Rubber surfacing is the top choice for UK playgrounds due to its ability to reduce injuries from falls. Rubber’s shock-absorbing properties cushion impacts much better than materials like concrete or asphalt. Statistics show rubber surfacing leads to fewer broken bones and head injuries on playgrounds.

Safety Certified

Our rubber playground surfaces comply with critical fall height standards like BS EN 1177 for proper shock absorption. We can install surfaces rated for falls up to 3 metres to give kids a safe place to play. Our installers are fully trained and experienced with playground safety standards.

Rubber also provides vital slip resistance, even when wet, to prevent slips and falls in playground settings. Durable and weather resistant, our playground surfacing stands up to heavy use from kids for years.

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Rubber surfaces

Customisation Options

We offer a range of playground rubber surfacing products in varied colours, thicknesses and textures. Popular options include:

  • Poured-in-Place Rubber – Seamless installation applied on site for maximum coverage.
  • Rubber Mulch – Shredded, colourful rubber pieces providing cushioning and accessibility.
  • Rubber Tiles – Interlocking tiles that are easy to install and replace if damaged.
  • Synthetic Turf – Durable turf with rubber infill that mimics grass.


Work with us to select the right playground surfacing options tailored to your specific needs and site parameters. We can create fun designs, patterns and games on the surfacing.

Seamless Installation

Our expert crews have extensive experience installing rubber surfacing for playgrounds, parks and schools across the UK. We handle the entire process from site preparation to seamless installation to ensure correct site slopes and maximum safety.

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Accessibility for All

Rubber surfacing provides a smooth, seamless surface that makes playgrounds more accessible to children and adults with disabilities. The surface is ideal for wheelchairs, mobility devices, strollers, and bikes.

We can incorporate vibrant visual cues and wayfinding patterns in the surfacing design to assist the visually impaired. Our surfacing creates playground environments that are inclusive for kids of all abilities.

Low Maintenance

Once installed, rubber playground surfacing stands the test of time with minimal maintenance required. It won’t crack or erode like concrete. An occasional jet wash is all that’s needed to keep the surface clean and safe for kids.

Inspected and Approved

We conduct rigorous final inspections and testing to validate the safety of the installed playground surface. This gives you peace of mind that the play area offers the proper impact protection. We provide certification documentation for compliance.

Along with our flooring products, we have established a reputation for quality and reliability across the UK. We not only meet but exceed customer needs in industrial sectors by striving to provide optimum performance while exceeding industry standards at every turn!

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