Concrete Repairs and Floor Preparation Contractors

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Our surface and substrate preparation services establish the critical foundation for successful resin flooring installations. Proper floor preparation is indispensable for commercial spaces looking to install resin floor systems.

We tailor our floor preparation techniques to match each unique project. After thoroughly assessing the existing flooring and substrate, we determine the optimal preparation methods required. Commercial spaces often demand more rigorous techniques like shot blasting or grinding compared to residential settings.

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Repairing Concrete Subfloors

For concrete substrates, we can perform concrete repairs to address any cracks, pitting, or imperfections. Our concrete repair services fill voids, smooth uneven surfaces, and strengthen the integrity of the concrete prior to resin flooring installation.

Managing Moisture

It’s crucial to test concrete for moisture and take steps to prevent vapour transmission after resin flooring installation. We conduct moisture testing and can apply moisture mitigation primers as needed. This prevents moisture-related problems from undermining the resin flooring.

Removing Impurities

Our rigorous cleaning, stripping, and grinding remove paint, coatings, grease, oil and other contaminants from the concrete surface. This prevents bonding issues with the new resin system. For spaces like workshops or garages, degreasing is especially important.

Levelling Subfloors

Uneven concrete can lead to an uneven finish for the resin floor. We level subfloors to specifications within 3mm across 3 metres. Levelling compounds fill low spots, creating a flat and consistent surface profile.

Promoting Adhesion

Shotblasting, scarifying, and diamond grinding roughen the surface to expose pores and create a textured profile. This mechanical abrasion optimises adhesion between the subfloor and resin system.

Dust Control Methods

We utilize professional dust extraction equipment to safely contain and remove concrete dust and debris. This protects both workers and interior spaces during noisy demolition or preparation work.

Installing Crack Repair Systems

Cracks in the concrete can transfer up through the resin surfacing over time. We install fibre-reinforced crack repair systems to bridge cracks and provide long-term reinforcement under the resin.

Moisture Barrier Coatings

For concrete slabs with excessive moisture, we can apply specialty vapor barrier coatings to block moisture migration. This added protection prevents moisture damage to the resin flooring.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your resin flooring project. Our floor preparation experts will assess your current floor condition and recommend the ideal process for creating a sound foundation for your new resin flooring system.

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